Companies hold corporate events in a variety of forms and serve different purposes. To help show employee recognition, boost company morale, or build interpersonal relationships, all it takes is a bit of inspiration. Check out these five most common types of corporate events and start planning yours today.

Golf Events

A golf event or retreat serves for an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and build relationships with employees. It’s one of the most popular activities for corporates to take their subordinates when they want a sports outing. Golf allows a chance for employees to enjoy a relaxing environment and feel comfortable among each other. It helps develop interpersonal relationships while also motivating them to build a friendly competition with their colleagues.

Appreciation Events

Recognizing and even rewarding your employees’ achievements are what encapsulates an appreciation event. Appreciation events can range from an annual awards ceremony to an entertaining event depending on its purpose. The overall idea is to ensure your employees do indeed feel valued in the company. While the name itself is self-explanatory, appreciation events hold the key to constructive communication. Some businesses fail to recognize their employees’ accomplishments and suffer overall performance because of it. These events help boost company morale and most importantly promote creativity.

Board Meetings

A board meeting goes over vital goals of the business such as recent performance, targets, future goals, and business strategies. Generally, executives and shareholders to the company hold the meeting. Annual board meetings serve a purpose to check current business performance and adjust if needed. The meetings help assess the next growth opportunities to take for the company and helps communicate with their employees.

Holiday Parties

All your employees look forward to the annual holiday party for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It is a time where your fellow subordinates bring their loved ones/family and enjoy a year-end party with other employees. A holiday party is a chance to create a fun and relaxing environment for your employees. It’s an opportunity for them to bring family and enjoy a well-deserved holiday party and look forward to another hard-working year.

Business Dinners

A business dinner is an employee event to either celebrate a specific achievement or a milestone for the company. Business dinners are another social event that provides an enjoyable environment for employees and gives them time to unwind and de-stress from a long day. It brings a formal topic to an informal setting where your employees can feel at ease and comfortable. Your employees will feel respected and included when they join a business dinner. It also helps to build interpersonal relationships with them and improve company culture.

Ready to Run Your Own Business Event?

Show your employees the appreciation they deserve with a corporate event coordinated by you and held at Yucaipa Valley. Here at Yucaipa Valley, we offer a list of various corporate events specifically geared towards businesses. Enjoy a golf event in the morning and then a corporate meeting all coordinated in one venue. For more information, contact the Sales Office at 909.790.6522.