Corporate holiday parties are a great opportunity to bring everyone together to celebrate a great year of business. They are an opportunity to build employee comradery and cohesiveness. Planning the right corporate holiday party is not always an easy task. Having the right plan and team in place is key to the overall success of the event. The team here at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club has hosted many events and is here to give you a checklist of important steps to planning your perfect event.

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1. Set a budget– Setting a budget is the first step in planning your successful event. Your budget will determine food offerings, beverage offerings, extra activities, and décor. Ask Mary at Yucaipa how to set your budget!

2. Type of event– With your budget set, now you have to determine the type of event you are going to have. Is your event going to be a mixer? A sit down dinner? Or a cocktail hour? Setting up the expectation for the type of event will make execution all that much easier.

3. Date of event– Obviously. Dates of an event can determine how you use your budget, what type of event this will be, or who is invited. If you are finding that Friday or Saturday night events are not a good use of your budget, you should consider a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday event. Moving your event to the middle of the week might a difference to the overall luxury of the event.

4. Guest list– The guest list should include all employees in your company. The big decision is adding a plus one to an invitation or not. That is all judged by your budget and venue seating capacity.

5. Food offerings– Menu selection is always a big decision when planning your event. It is important to consult with your event coordinator to explore seasonal offerings and speciality item availability to better customize your event. Be sure to solicit any special dietary needs or allergies from your guest to ensure their satisfaction. Letting your venue know ahead of time of either is always helpful.

6. Seating– Seating can be a difficult task. Do you sit friends together? Do you sit people who don’t have everyday interactions together? We think it is always best to sit people together who know each really well with people who they might not know so well. This gives an opportunity for your employees to forge new bonds and friends.

7. Schedule of events– Creating a schedule of events helps a venue stay on time and organized. This also keeps the event moving and helps avoid stagnant periods during the event. When creating a master schedule of events, plan for extra time for mingling and bonding.

These checklist items are a great start when planning your corporate holiday party. All corporate holiday parties will not have the same needs. When you book your corporate holiday party with Mary at Yucaipa Valley Golf Club, she will have the tools and experience to make your party a major success.

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Happy Planning!