Tis’ the season to start planning for all the upcoming holiday events, or at the very at least, worry about hosting it. With work being on a constant move for your employees year-round, it’s time to allow your fellow peers the pure enjoyment of a holiday corporate event. Whether you’re a pro at hosting events or a first-time planner, holiday event planning can be troublesome as holidays sneak around the corner.

Luckily, we are here to save the day! We will go through all the candy canes and pumpkin pie essentials to make your holiday event memorable.

Beautiful Dinner Setting

A Turkey Filled Event or Mistletoe

Before we dive into the important aspects of holiday event planning, it’s imperative to know which big holiday your celebrating. It’s a commonality for companies to celebrate Christmas with its decorations in Christmas trees, ornaments, and hearty food but let’s not forget Thanksgiving and all its glory.

Let’s go over the perks of both holidays:

Christmas: This holiday seasons is known best for its year-end holiday event and generally makes a lasting impression for company events. What better way to get your employees in the festive mood than to have Christmas songs, delightful treats, and presents!

Thanksgiving: While Christmas is known for its holiday cheer, Thanksgiving could be a perfect event to let your employees know how thankful you are of them! Imagine an event where all your employees bring their signature dish, enjoy each other’s company, and indulge in all the variety of savory food.

Find the Right Venue

Now that we’ve settled on which holiday to hold your company event, it’s time to extensively research on which venue is best for your celebration. Finding the right venue should, if not be, the top priority on your “naughty and nice” checklist. We will cover the basics of what to look for and what to avoid for a venue.


  • Cozy atmosphere lavished with holiday décor
  • Spacious venue
  • Accessible location with great view
  • Meets your minimum capacity
  • Offers great services (Kitchen facilities, food vendors, etc.)



  • Limited parking spacing
  • Limited amenities, including bathrooms, tables, seats, etc.
  • Does not meet minimum capacity
  • Costly and inflexible event dates

Holiday Treats

Holiday events are not only meant to boost company morale but, indulge yourself in delicious food. Be the event who has a wide array of appetizers, beverages, and main courses. You don’t want to find yourself that company event who had limited food options for your food enthusiasts.  Keep in mind to also check on your fellow employee’s food allergies to avoid any possible mishaps.

You may wonder if its best to rely on the venue itself for meal options at your party than to scrutinize over what to bring personally. Luckily, our venue provides endless meal options best fit for any holiday event. Whether you decide to hold a Thanksgiving dinner or a Christmas party, we will always ensure your event holds the best selections an event should provide.

Ready to Host?

Now that we’ve gone over the brief necessities to make your company event a success, it’s time to start planning! What better venue to meet all the priorities listed above than our top rated and well-kept venue. We ensure our clients enjoy their holiday event with absolutely no worries by providing the best venue, accommodating food selections, and holiday décor. For more information contact the Sales Office at 909.790.6522.